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Planning Questions PDF File

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This 270 page PDF file contains 75 questions and answers for each communication tool. Each tool has the following questions and corresponding answers:

Here are the questions we cover for each tool:

1. When would you create, or develop the tools?

2. Who is going to use this tool, both from an input and output status?

3. Why are you going to use this tool?

4. How are you going to use this tool?

5. How will you distribute the information?

6. How often will you distribute the information?

7. What decisions should you make from this tool?

8. What information does this tool provide for your project?

9. What historical and legal information do you need to store?

10. What will be the staffing requirements (Role Type) to run and maintain these tools?

Tools include: WBS Spider Chart Risk Register Risk Matrix Project Status Report and much much more...

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